About Green Apple Entertainment

Green Apple Entertainment is a 15-year global provider of independent film and television content. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, USA, the company was founded in 2005 by 35+ year industry veteran Tim Warren, a former executive of Lyrick Studios, MGM Studios, and Lionsgate.

Reaching a Global Marketplace from Script to Screen

Working directly with filmmakers in every stage from pre-script to delivery of completed feature films, series, documentaries, animations, and other content the company brings current industry knowledge to the strategic alliance to mitigate risk, cultivate content with market demand in mind, create early awareness. and assist in maximizing potential revenues in the global marketplace.

Green Apple Productions Services


Work directly with our industry experts pre-script to create a final product with buyer and market demand in mind.


State of the art facility at Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, to finish and master a project of any size.


In-house assistance with every aspect of the process from budget creation, location scouting, to casting & crew hiring, contracts, etc.

Sales & Distribution

Global rights management with 300+ films in the marketplace. Submit your film for our team's review here.

Principal Photography

Whether producing a low-budget film or a multi-million dollar motion picture, select from a 3-ton or 10-ton turn-key package.

Consumer Marketing, Social Media and SEO

Direct-to-Consumer Marketing, SEO and social media are key elements to assist independent content rise above the crowded market to maximize revenue potential.

Connect with the Executive Team

Tim Warren

Tim Warren

Founder & President

Joshua K. Carpenter

Joshua K. Carpenter

Head of Global Acquisition & Sales

Green Apple Entertainment