BOCA RATON, FL (July 15, 2021) – Joshua K. Carpenter, Head of Global Acquisition & Sales of Green Apple Entertainment today announced the release of 25 new films with Amazon’s advertising-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) service IMDb TV.

The 25 titles include $3.5M action thriller “The Lazarus Papers” starring Gary Daniels, Danny Trejo, Bail Ling, Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister, the Netflix-licensed action thriller “Expo”, Escape TV-licensed thriller “Mulberry Stains”, Redbox-licensed movies “Zombie Ninjas vs Black Ops”, “The Attic”, “The Ghost of Saint Aubin”, Hulu-licensed sci-fi drama “The Directive”, faith-based police drama “Fearless Faith” starring Jason Burkey, Ben Davies, Erin Bethea, Pastor Ben Graham, and the martial arts Asian action-packed films “English Dogs in Bangkok” starring Byron Gibson, Ron Smoorenburg, and “Haphazard” starring Selina Lo, Ron Smoorenburg, Vithaya Pansringarm, Damon Whitaker, Dean Alexandrou, Byron Gibson.

Other titles include the star-powered sci-fi thriller “Algorithm: Bliss” (Sean Faris, Sarah Roemer) and “Genesis Code”, crime thrillers “Abstruse” (Tom Sizemore, Dennis Haskins)“Narco Valley” (Mr. Capone-E, Mr. Criminal), “Fierce” (Robert Miano), and “Skateboard or Die”, supernatural thrillers “Enigma” (Dennis Haskins) and “Zombies Have Fallen”, dramedy adventure “I Am That”horror films “Faces”, “Final Cut”, and “Paranormal Evil”, drama movies “3 Women”, “Fynbos”, and Spanish-language drama “Translúcido”.

Carpenter stated: “As IMDb TV continues to rise above their competition for viewership in the ad-supported digital space we are excited to continue providing more content that champions independent filmmakers so they can win.”


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