BOCA RATON, FL (July 31, 2020) – Joshua K. Carpenter, Head of Global Acquisition & Sales of Green Apple Entertainment today announced the rollout release of the faith-based police thriller “Forgiven” starring Kevin Sorbo and Jenn Gotzon, presently available on HuluDirecTV, Sling TVXfinity, Spectrum, VerizonBlue Ridge, Apple TVVudu, and Amazon. Created by All Entertainment and Destined Media, the film was directed by acclaimed faith-based filmmaker Kevin Otto (director of Pureflix’s $2.6M box office “A Question of Faith”, “In the Name of God”, “Grace of God”, “The Prayer Box”), written by Kevan Otto (writer of “What Would Jesus Do?”, “Lukewarm”, “The Woodcarver”) and Lloyd S. Wagner, produced by Brad Allen (producer of Pureflix’s $2.1M box office “I’m Not Ashamed”, $1.3M box office “Beautifully Broken”, “Prayer Box”, Kevin Sorbo’s “Love Again”, and Casper Van Dien’s “Acquitted by Faith”).

Synopsis: “When Lieutenant Morgan (Kevin Sorbo) and his armed force arrive on the scene of a church hostage situation, James (Casey Fuller) weighs his options for an escape while Elizabeth (Jenn Gotzon) makes it her mission to save his life.”

Starring: Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Let There Be Light), Jenn Gotzon (My Daddy’s in Heaven), Kelsey Sanders (Acquitted by Faith, Love Again, Cutback), Casey Fuller, Reegus Flenory (Acquitted by Faith, Unconditional)

Carpenter stated:We stay committed to bringing positive, uplifting, and faith-based content to the global marketplace. With such darkness surrounding our nation’s police force during this present day, we are well pleased to release such light into the world that also honors the men and women in blue.


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